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AKA Cartoon

Season 4


39-1. An Ed In The Bush- the Eds try to scare the Urban Rangers. Aired 9/27/02.

39-2. See No Ed- no one can find the Eds. Aired 9/27/02.


40-1. Is There An Ed In The House- Sarah's sick, and both Ed and Jimmy want to take care of her. Aired 11/1/02.


40-2. An Ed Is Born- the Eds make a movie to send to Eddy's brother. Aired 11/1/02.


41-1. One Size Fits Ed- the Eds make Jimmy a sumo wrestler. Aired 11/15/02.

41-2. Pain In The Ed- Eddy tries to get rid of Ed's annoying violin. Aired 11/15/02.


42-1. Ed Overboard- the Kankers have kidnapped Ed, so Eddy and Double D have to team up with the Urban Rangers to save him.  Aired 8/24/03.


42-2. One Of Those Eds- How many kids does it take to get a quarter off the sidewalk? Aired 8/24/03.


43-1. They Call Him Mister Ed- the Eds set up a company, EDCO INC. Aired 11/10/03.


43-2. For The Ed, By The Ed- Eddy and Plank compete for the title of "King of the Cul-da-sac." Aired 11/10/03.


44-1. Little Ed Blue- Ed's feeling grouchy, so Eddy and Double D try to cheer him up. Aired 11/17/03.


44-2. A Twist Of Ed- Double D plans to get even with the Kankers for all they've done. Aired 11/17/03.


45-1. The Good O'le Ed- Double D makes a time capsule. Aired 1/23/04.

45-2. Your Ed Here- Kevin blackmails Eddy about his middle name. Aired 1/23/04.


46-1. Thick As An Ed- Ed and Double D get into a fight over Ed's stinky cheese chunk. Aired 1/30/04.

46-2. Sorry, Wrong Ed- Eddy takes Rolf's cursed telephone. Aired 1/30/04.


47-1. Robbin' Ed- someone in the cul-de-sac is acting like a modern day Robin Hood. Aired 2/6/04.


47-2. A Case Of Ed- Double D is lead to believe he's sick with a deadly disease. Aired 2/6/04.

48-1. Run For Your Ed- the Kankers wreck the cul-de-sac in search of their ship in a bottle. Aired 2/13/04.

48-2. Hand Me Down Ed- there's a mysterious boomerang floating around the cul-de-sac. Aired 2/13/04.

49-1. Stiff Upper Ed- Sarah and Jimmy form a "RICH CLUB." Aired 2/20/04.

49-2. Here's Mud In Your Ed- Rolf and Jimmy trick Eddy into thinking Rolf has a money tree. Aired 2/20/04.

50-1. Stuck In Ed- Eddy can't think of a scam, so Jimmy tries to help. Aired 2/27/04.


50-2. Postcards From Ed- Plank's parents visit. Aired 2/27/04.


51-1. Take This Ed And Shove It, Part 1- the Eds assign everyone a career. Aired 11/5/04.


51-2. Take This Ed And Shove It, Part 2- Eddy get's knocked out and imagines everyone as an older adult. Surprise ending! Aired 11/5/04.

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