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AKA Cartoon

Season 3


27-1. Wish You Were Ed- Rolf's homesick. Aired 6/8/01.


27-2. Momma's Little Ed- Ed and Eddy rewrite the sticky notes Double D's parents left for him. Aired 6/8/01.

28-1. Once Upon An Ed- the Eds tell Jonny three bedtime stories. Aired 6/15/01.

28-2. For Your Ed Only- the Eds find Sarah's diary. Aired 6/15/01.


29-1. It Came From Outer Ed- Ed comes up with a scam. Aired 10/19/01.


29-2. 3 Squared Eds- Ed's grounded and Eddy and Double D must bust him out... while staying clear of Sarah and Jimmy. Aired 10/19/01.

30-1. Dueling Eds- Eddy has hurt Rolf's feelings, so he must duel him to regain his family's honor. Aired 12/14/01.

30-2. Dim Lit Ed- Double D tries to educate the cul-de-sac. Aired 12/14/01.

31-1. Will Work For Ed- Ed takes a job as Rolf's nincompoop. Aired 1/4/02.

31-2. Ed, Edd, n' Away- the Eds chase around an annoying red balloon. Aired 1/4/02.

32-1. X Marks The Ed- Eddy gets a pimple, and no one will leave him alone. Aired 1/25/02.


32-2. From Here To Ed- Eddy tries to get revenge on Kevin. Aired 1/25/02.


33-1. Boys Will Be Eds- the boys flirt with Nazz. Aired 2/15/02.

33-2. Ed Or Tails- Ed orders TWO jawbreakers. Who will be the unlucky Ed-boy? Aired 2/15/02.


34-1. Gimme, Gimme, Never Ed- the Eds build amusement park rides for Plank. Aired 3/8/02.


34-2. My Fair Ed- Double D tries to teach Ed and Eddy their manners. Aired 3/8/02.


35-1. Rock-Ed-Bye- Ed has a dream which leaves him with a phobia against Jonny. Aired 3/22/02.


35-2. O' Ed Eleven- the Eds go looking for Eddy's older brother's secret stash. Aired 3/22/02.


36-1. The Luck Of The Ed- Eddy entrusts Ed to hide his magazines and he forgets where he put them. Aired 6/21/02.


36-2. Ed Pass It On- Eddy starts a rumor that his brother is coming back. Aired 6/21/02.

37-1. Brother, Can You Spare An Ed- Sarah trusts Ed with a dollar for fudge. Aired 6/28/02.


37-2. The Day The Ed Stood Still- Ed pretends to be a monster and terrifies the kids. Aired 6/28/02.

38-1. If It Smells Like An Ed, Part 1- the Eds are set up to look like they ruined Jimmy's Friendship Day. Aired 7/5/02.

38-2. If it Smells Like an Ed, Part 2- the Eds set out to find the real culpret. Aired 7/5/02.


39-1. Don't Rain on my Ed- the candystore is giving away jawbreakers... for FREE! Aired 7/12/02.

39-2. Once Bitten Twice Ed- Eddy tricks the kids into believing objects are commanding them. Aired 7/12/02.

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