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AKA Cartoon

Season 5


52-1. Mission Ed-Possible- Double D is entrusted to hand deliver Ed and Eddy's report cards to their parents. Aired 11/4/05.


52-2. Every Which Way But Ed- the Eds get stuck in flashbacks. Aired 11/4/05.


53-1. Boom Boom, Out Goes The Ed- after a power short cuts the cul-de-sac of its electricity, Ed convinces the kids the mole mutants are going to eat. Aired 11/11/05.


53-2. Cleanliness Is Next To Edness- Double D finally embraces the filth. Aired 11/11/05.

54-1. Out With The Old, In With The Ed- Eddy tries to make the best out of the last day of summer vacation. Aired 11/18/05.

54-2. Out With The Old, In With The Ed- the Eds agree to be the Kankers' boyfriends in order to obtain a new classroom. Aired 11/18/05. 

55-1. I Am Curious Ed- Sarah and Jimmy want to know where babies come from. Aired 11/25/05.

55-2. No Speak Da Ed- Ed's pen pal is sending him stuff that isn't pleasing Rolf. Aired 11/25/05.

56-1. Cool Hand Ed- Eddy formulates a plan to bust out of school. Aires 4/1/06.

56-2. Too Smart For His Own Ed- Edd is embarrassed after losing to Ed in the annual spelling bee. Aires 4/1/06.

57-1. Who's Minding Ed- Ed offers to take care of Rolf's animals while he is off at his family reunion. Aired 6/28/06.

57-2. Pick An Ed- Eddy goes under cover as a new kid. Aired 6/28/06.

58-1. Truth Or Ed- 'Bobby Blabby' Eddy writes gossip stories for the school's newspaper. Aired 7/3/06.

??-?. A Room with an Ed- when Sarah kicks Ed out of his room, he finds support with Eddy and Double D. Aires ??/??/??.*

??-?. May I have this Ed- the school dance is coming up, but the Eds have no dates. Luckily, Eddy finds a book that instructs them in the do's and don'ts of a dance.  Only problem: they show up in platform shoes. Aires: ??/??/??.*

* Fans have not yet wittnessed this episode. When it airs, I'll write a summary.

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