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AKA Cartoon
Name: Alyson
Call Me: Aly or Beansie
Age: 14
Location: In front of the computer
Favorite Ed: Edd
Favorite Non-Ed: Jonny
Favorite Episode: Cleanliness is next to Ed
Favorite Phrase: Slide on the soap!
     My name is Aly and I have been an EENE fan since...2002? Our town only got Cartoon Network in late 2001.  People on the web might know me better as Beansie, though.
     I am a big fan of drawing pictures of the Eds and especially writing stories about them. I have thirty some pics that I'll post on the web and about sixstories.
Stories I BETA:
     I also have a strong interest in Harry Potter & The Three Stooges. I have many more chapters to my HP story Lost Legacy and plenty more Stooge pics.