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On this page, you'll learn a little about the Eds and the rest of the characters, if you didn't all ready know that! Later to come are longer biographies about each of the characters.



Ed is the stupid Ed who loves chickens and monster movies. He's the moron of the trio, and is usually responsible for their scams failing.



Edd, or Double D, is the smart, quiet Ed. He's a neat-freak and his family communicates through "stiky notes". The mystery of his hat is still unsolved by fans, but Ed and Eddy have gotten a peek, and so did Sarah, after she hid in it.



Eddy is the self appointed leader of the Eds, and usually comes up with their scams. He's kinda a wise guy and has a "small" ego, but he has two very good friends. He gets peeved if someone calls him "short", and he hates Kevin no matter what!



Kevin is the jock-boy of the cul-de-sac. His best friend is Rolf, and he usually picks on the Eds and calls them 'dorks', although he has been seen getting along with Ed and Double D.



Nazz is the most mature girl in the cul-de-sac, and ALL the boys, except perhaps little Jimmy, have a crush on her, especially Eddy and Kevin. She plays the tuba, gymnastics, and babysits. She can be seen hanging with Kevin.



Rolf is a forienger in the cul-de-sac. He's from the "old country" and his father is a shepard. He has many farm animals, including Victor, the goat, and Wilfred, the pig. Although he is best friends with Kevin, he does accept the Eds, sometimes.



Sarah is Ed's bratty little sister who usually tell on him to get her own way. Her best friend is Jimmy, who she usually protects. She has a crush on Double D and is the only person apart from Ed and and Eddy who might know the mysterious secret of his hat. .



Jimmy is the most sensitive kid in the cul-de-sac and usually has his best friend, Sarah, protect him from the Eds, or the Kanker Sisters, or anyone who is frightening him. He likes to play with dolls and bake cookies, and is perhaps the only boy who doesn't have a crush on Nazz..


Jonny 2x4

Jonny 2x4 is a loner who's best friend is a piece of wood he calls "Plank", and he secretly hates the Eds. According to Eddy anyway... He can be quite gullible at times and if it weren't for his wooded best friend he would have fallen for many of the Eds' scams and pranks although he will do anything for a handful of granola... .



Plank is a piece of wood who "talks" to Jonny, although none of the other kids can hear him. According to Jonny he 'sees things' and usually helps Jonny to not fall for the Eds' tricks. He is currently the king of the cul-de-sac after wooping Eddy with a score of 6/1. He, like Jonny, gets his own allowance and is found with Jonny from morning til dusk.


Lee Kanker

Lee Kanker is the red headed leader of the Kanker Sisters, the three mean and disgusting girls who live in the Trailor Park, Park and Flush. They have one mother, but three different fathers, Bub, Butch, and Rod... Each of the Kankers have a crush on one of the Eds, Lee's being Eddy, although they beat them up in some episodes... .


Marie Kanker

Marie Kanker is the second Kanker Sister who lives in the Trailor Park, Park and Flush. She's the one with the blue hair who has a crush on Double D. .


May Kanker

May, the third Kanker sister, lives with her other two in the Trailor Park, Park and Flush. She is the stupid blonde one that has a crush on Ed.

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