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Season 2


14-1. Eeney, Meeney, Miney, Ed- Eddy tells Ed that Double D is a "Lizard Man" from beneath the Earth's crust. Aired 9/13/99.


14-2. Ready, Set, Ed- the Eds try to beat world records. Aired 9/13/99.

15-1. Knock, Knock, Who's Ed?- there's an 8 hour monster movie marathon and Sarah's kicked them out of the house. Aired 9/20/99.

15-2. One + One= Ed- the Eds try to learn. Aired 9/20/99.


16-1. Know It All Ed- the Eds sell "Canadian sqirtguns" to the kids, and have a showdown with the Kankers. Aired 9/27/99.

16-2. Dear Ed- when Plank and Jonny have an arguement, the Eds try to find Jonny a new friend. Aired 9/27/99.

17-1. Hands Across Ed- the Eds host the cul-de-sac telethon. Aired 10/4/99.


17-2. Floss Your Ed- Eddy wants to get cash from the tooth fairy with Ed's tooth. Aired 10/4/99.

18-1. In Like Ed- the Eds spy on Kevin at Jimmy's birthday party. Aired 10/11/99.

19-1. Rambling Ed- Ed moves into Rolf's shed to lead a more independent life away from Sarah. Aired 10/18/99.


19-2. Homecooked Eds- the Kankers go on vacation to Eddy's front lawn. Aired 10/18/99.


20-1. To Sir With Ed- Eddy thinks Nazz is dating him, when she's really babysitting him! Aired 10/25/99.


20-2. Key To My Ed- the Eds find a mysterious key. Aired 10/25/99.

21-1. Honor Thy Ed- the Eds go into the old haunted house. Aired 11/1/99.


21-2. Scrambled Ed- Double D is very tired, and no one is leaving him alone. Aired 11/1/99.

22-1. Urban Ed- the Eds create the city of Edtropolis in the lane. Aired 1/8/99.


22-2. Stop, Look, and Ed- Eddy tricks all the kids into breaking the rules, except Double D. Aired 11/8/99.

23-1. Rent-A-Ed- the Eds put on a circus, then become repair men, open a spa, and go back to the circus. Aired 11/15/99.

23-2. Shoo Ed- the Eds decide to make Jonny annoy the kids so they'll pay them to get him away. Aired 11/15/99.

24-1. Ed In A Halfshell- the Eds babysit Jimmy. Aired 11/29/99.

24-2. Mirror, Mirror, On The Ed- the Eds switch places. Aired 11/29/99.

25-1. Hot Buttered Ed- the boys chill at the creek for the day. Aired 12/6/99.


25-2. High Heeled Ed- the Eds study girls. Aired 12/6/99.

26-1. Fa-la-la-la-Ed- the Eds bring the spirit of Christmas to the cul-de-sac. Aired 12/20/99.

26-2. Cry Ed- Jimmy and Eddy compete to earn the kids' attention. Aired 12/20/99.

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