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Season 1


1-1. Ed-touchables- someone's touching everyone's stuff, can the Eds track down the culprit? Aired 1/4/99.


1-2. Nagged To Ed- the Kanker Sisters have just moved in and the Eds try to be polite guests. Aired 1/4/99.

2-1. Pop Goes The Ed- the Eds wear Eddy's brother's WAY TOO SMALL swimsuits to Nazz's sprinkler party.  Aired 1/11/99.

2-2. Over Your Ed- Eddy and Double D try to make Ed cool. Aired 1/11/99.

3-1. A Pinch to Grow an Ed- Eddy gets frustrated with his height.  Aired 1/18/99.


3-2. Sir Ed-A-Lot- the Eds get stuck playing with Sarah and Jimmy. Aired 1/18/99.

4-1. Quick Shot Ed- the Eds take pictures of the kids to make a calendar. Aired 1/25/99.

4-2. Read All About Ed- Double D gets a paper route, and Ed and Eddy want to help. Aired 1/25/99.


5-1. An Ed Too Many- Double D gives Sarah a flower and she flirts with him. Aired 2/1/99.

5-2. Ed 'n Seek- the Eds play hide 'n seek with the kids. Aired 2/1/99.

6-1. Look Into My Eds- the Eds hypnotize the kids. Aired 2/8/99.


6-2. Tag, Yer Ed- Eddy gets frustrated with Double D since he's not very athletic. Aired 2/8/99.

7-1. Dawn Of The Eds- the Eds crash-land on a distant planet, the junkyard. Aired 2/15/99.

7-2. Vert-Ed-Go- the Eds make a clubhouse. Aired 2/15/99.

8-1. Keeping Up With The Eds- the Eds mow the kids lawn for cash. Aired 2/22/99.

8-2. Who, What, Where, Ed- the Eds trade Rolf for a chicken. Aired 2/22/99.

9-1. Fool On The Ed- Eddy is determined to find out who's the "Prank Master."  Aired 3/1/99.

9-2. A Boy And His Ed- Kevin's dad gets a job at the jawbreaker factory. Aired 3/1/99.


10-1. It's Way Ed- the Eds try to keep up with fads in the cul-de-sac. Aired 3/8/99.

10-2. Laugh Ed Laugh- the cul-de-sac is sick with the chicken pox; Eddy goes mad since he can't scam the kids; Ed and Double D must help him return to normal. Aired 3/8/99.

11-1. Eds-Aggerate- Eddy lies to Kevin and tells him about the mysterious Mucky Boys. Aired 3/15/99.

11-2. Oath To An Ed- the Eds want to become Urban Rangers. Aired 3/15/99.

12-1. A Glass Of Warm Ed- Ed is sleepwalking and eating everyone's food!  Aired 3/22/99.

12-2. Flea Bitten Ed- the Eds set up a pet cleaning business only to find out Ed's allergic to rabbit. Aired 3/22/99.


13-1. Avast Ye Ed- the Eds make cruisline and meet up with pirates. Aired 3/29/99.


13-2. Button Yer Ed- Eddy can't talk. Aired 3/29/99.

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