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Ed's Phrase

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AKA Cartoon

Ed's Phrase.

Written by: electro (a.k.a., Christopher Dollinger).

It was an amusing day at the cul-de-sac. Sarah was having a tantrum (no surprise there) about Ed supposed to be meeting her here with the fudge he was supposed to be getting her. Ed was wandering mindlessly (it's what he does best), wondering where the candy store was again.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was sitting on top of a stack of paper beside the paper shredder, waiting for Sarah to help him shred. "So I don't hurt my fragile little fingers," was his exuse. When he got thirsty, he went inside to get a drink. When he came out, he saw Ed, and started to run, but before he took his first step, Ed grabbed him, thinking he was a piece of paper, and shoved him into the shedder.

"SARAH!!!!!!!!!", yelled Jimmy, and Sarah came running.

"Ed!" yelled Sarah, "What are you doing?!"

Ed suddeny came back to his senses (amazing, isnt it?) and realized what he was doing.

"Sorry Jimmy," said Ed.

Sarah said,"I want an explanation NOW!"

"Well you see," Ed replied, "It wasen't my fault, it was the paper shredder's fault. It is defective."

Sarah got redder than a tomato, so red that steam came out of her ears. She pulled up her sleeves and got ready to punch Ed black and blue.

"No!" Ed wailed "No! Don't hurt me because after you do you will tell Mom and Mom will tell Dad and Dad will tell the teacher and the teacher will tell the Principle and the Principle will tell the School Board and the School Board will tell the Congress and the Congress will tell the President and the President will tell the police force and the police force will tell the Sheriff and the Sheriff will tell the FBI and the FBI will tell the CIA and the CIA will tell the Secrit Service and I will get thrown in jail and grow a beard and I don't want to grow old!"

Eddy and Double D overheard and decided to intervene.

"Uh, Ed?" Eddy said as he walked by.

"Quack?", Ed replied.

"Are you alright, Ed?" Double D asked, bringing out a first-aid kit.

Eddy butted in. "You see Sarah, its Ed. He knows diddly sqat."

"It's Quack!" Ed wailed.

"Whatever," Eddy replied. Right after Eddy said, "Whatever," Sarah got red like a tomato again. She pulled up her sleeves and punched Ed, Edd, and Eddy black and blue.

After their lethal punch-up with Sarah, Eddy cried out, "Ed, Double D, are you okay?" and Ed replied, "I am Hunkey Gorey, Eddy."


Quack- I mean-

The End.

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