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The Cursed Phone

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In "Sorry, Wrong Ed," Rolf begins the episode off by burying his family's "cursed" phone. Eddy tricks him off and steals the phone. At the end of the episode, Eddy gives the phone to Jonny ansd Plank. Even though the phone is not in his possesion anymore, unfortunate mishaps continue to occur. Is this because Eddy stole it? He gave it to Jonny and Plank, but when they answered it nothing happened-- to them. Eddy recieved the effect. Could this be that if you steal the phone, the curse moves to you? Did one of Rolf's ancestors steal the it and give thier family the curse? I believe that if you steal the phone, the curse is passed onto you and your faily, but the curse may be lifted from you ONLY if someone steals it from your family. The curse will be passed onto them until someone else steals it.